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Reverse Mentoring

“No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.” — Peter F. Drucker

All businesses needs to continually adapt to changes in technology, culture and buying patterns, now more so than ever. Keeping up new skills and with cultural changes from one generation to the next is vital to staying relevant in today’s market.

But for senior business leaders, developing a meaningful understanding of where your blindspots are is not easy. It requires that you to participate in conversations with younger people that are;

  • mutually respectful
  • thoughtful and articulate
  • sustained over time in order to develop trust and a deep appreciation of each others perspectives

Introducing: The Birmingham Future Reverse Mentoring Programme

Birmingham Future’s Mentoring Academy is now offering a Reverse Mentoring program that does exactly that.

How it works?

Members of Birmingham Future are invited to apply to be Mentors. If accepted, you will be matched with a senior business leader that is looking to get a new perspective from a younger business professional. We’ll invite you to meet once a month for a period of at least 6 months. And to talk though, in complete confidence, a series of business issues that your “mentee” is considering. These issues might be specific – for example, how best to use social media in today’s business landscape – or more general, looking at how you and your peers view a particular business or working practice. Reverse Mentoring is something that has been trialled across the globe in recent years, and with advocates like IBM, we think this could set the tone for how senior business leaders and younger professionals engage with one another. In return for mentoring a leader, you also get the chance to learn from them and influence their decision-making process; something that’s likely to be very unique within both yours and their organisation.

What Can I Offer?

You probably don’t know what you know. As someone under 40 in a professional environment, you’ll have a number of skills and a unique perspective to offer on technology, internet-driven culture, new product development, travel, and work/life balance in the era of mobile working.

Who should apply?

You should be intelligent, able to communicate well, and willing to give up about an hour per month to meet with your mentee.

How should I apply?

Please register your interest by emailing You will then be sent an application form where you can describe yourself in more detail.