Teachers & Professionals: Useful Tools

Make the Grade

Ahead Partnership

Make the Grade is a partnership between business and education to equip young people with the skills they need for the working world. Teachers and employers work together with the help of Ahead Partnership to create imaginative activities for students, which build confidence, resilience and aspiration.
Business volunteers benefit too, improving skills in leadership, communication and problem-solving. Last year 97% of volunteers said it made them feel more committed to working for their employer.

Careers Lab


An initiative run by our partner Business in the Community (BITC), Careers lab is a flexible, progressive framework of teaching materials for ages 11-16. It’s a collaborative and proactive way for businesses and teachers to open students’ minds to the possibilities of the workplace, and to help bridge the gap between education and economic need.

Careers Lab also offers schools invaluable access to ‘Business Ambassadors’ who bring their knowledge and experience of the world of work to the classroom to help inspire and motivate students to start thinking about their own career journey.


Barclays’ Life Skills 

Barclays Life Skills offers resources for teachers, students, parents and businesses focused on helping to prepare today’s youth for the world of work. With over 50 lesson plans linked to the National Curriculum available, simply download their free resources to bring your pupils one step closer to a successful, enriching career.


Birmingham Civic Society’s Next Generation Awards


The Birmingham Civic Society’s Next Generation Awards scheme has been running for eleven years and worked with over 24,500 young people. Each year approximately 20 of Birmingham’s Secondary Schools participate for free with all resources supplied. The award scheme is an assessed project-based programme for 11-14 year-olds. It is an inclusive project which is great for developing pupils’ skills in team-working, ICT, presentation, creative writing and problem solving, and to help the pupils in Birmingham to become active citizens that contribute positively to future of our city.

The young people work in groups to devise a plan to improve one aspect of life for people living in Birmingham, they develop 5 minute presentations that are then presented to an assessment panel and receive either a Gold, Silver or Bronze award depending on the calibre of their proposals.

To contact the team or to take part in the Awards scheme, you can also email nextgenerationawards@googlemail.com.


Network West Midlands

Network West Midlands is the name that connects all public transport in the West Midlands. This includes Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Coventry, Walsall, Solihull and Wolverhampton.

A brighter future

From primary to secondary and then onto college or university, the Education Team helps students understand their travel by providing travel information, help with planning journeys and lots more.

Save money and get involved

Discover the cheapest and most convenient ways to travel, including information on journey planning, ticket advice and any travel questions you have. We can also help you prove to the driver or conductor that you’re eligible for cheaper fares.

Getting young people into good habits early and encouraging them to choose sustainable transport is key to ensuring that the future is clear of congestion and the air free from pollutants.