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Allow us to introduce ourselves.

What is BPS Birmingham- what are we and what do we do? We are a membership organisation that looks after the big firms in Birmingham like accountants, lawyers, banks, insurance, marketing, surveyors, architects. We speak for them and build connections with key partner organisations to create initiatives like Professional Services Week for people like you.

BPS Birmingham

We know what you may be thinking, what exactly are the Professional Services?

Think of a professional service as a business whose main purpose is to support other business through providing specialist advice, knowledge and consultancy to help them achieve their business goals.  It could be to help finance a company’s expansion, provide legal advice to protect their products, make sure all the staff get paid on time, design a new building  or build a new website.

You may now be thinking, “should I be interested in these jobs?”

Here’s our top 4 reasons why the professional services in Birmingham could be your key to success…

Brum’s 2nd largest sector for employment
Professional services businesses in Birmingham employ thousands of local people, making up 23% of the total workforce and over 30% of economic output.  The sector is then set to grow by around 35% creating approximately 60,000 more jobs by 2030.

Big Business
With head offices of major international firms, such as HSBC & Deutsche Bank, choosing to relocate their multi-office businesses in Birmingham, you now have the opportunity to work for a prestigious company and contribute to their global success right here in your city.

It’s not just finance and legal people…

There are so many roles within professional service firms, aside from those you’d usually think of as a ‘professional career’. From meeting and greeting clients in the front of house team, to creating exciting marketing and communications campaigns to bring in new business, to keeping all members of staff organised and in check in the human resources and administrative teams, there is such a range of careers to choose from.
It’s an easy ride into town
Birmingham is a well-connected city, with buses, trains and the all new tram system taking you quickly and easily from A to B and around the city centre.
That’s why we are organising Professional Services Week. We are inviting secondary schools from across Birmingham to be part of our exciting week of events that are designed to let you discover our world, the kind of jobs we do, where we ‘live’ during the working day and how much fun it can be working for one of our firms. We want you to discover what we can offer you in the future and be inspired to think that the professional services sector might be a career option for you. Scroll along and click through below to find out what we have planned!