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BPS Birmingham welcomes you to Professional Services Week.

Professional Services Week aims to provide a real-life insight into a growing sector that has plenty of prospects for future employment, with activities to help guide students to job prospects and employment routes.

“What are the Professional Services” you may ask?

For us, a professional service is a business whose main purpose is to support other businesses through providing specialist advice, knowledge and consultancy to help them achieve their business goals.  In addition to providing things like financial services, legal advice or architectural designs to their clients, they of course have huge internal teams to ensure the firm’s smooth operation, including HR, marketing and administration and many more.

Professional Services Birmingham Cityscape

Here are our top 6 reasons, among many others, why we believe your school should be involved in Professional Services Week:

A Thriving Sector
The Business and Professional Services Sector is thriving in Birmingham and in the next decade will continue to build on its status as a major employer with opportunities for young people with a wide range of skillsets
Demystify, demonstrate, discover
Professional Services Week is about the three d’s: demystify, demonstrate, discover. It gives students the opportunity to meet professionals, chat with them about real life in the sector, future career prospects, skills required and to make valuable introductions.
An exciting new world

To many young people, a career in the professional services sector is an unknown opportunity, situated in an inaccessible and remote part of the city – rarely, if ever, visited. Professional Services Week wants to bring students into this vibrant and exciting area of the city to bring it to life for them.

Inspire our upcoming workforce

Our partner firms are using this week to engage, inspire, and encourage young people to think about a future in the sector by opening their doors for visits, sending representatives to schools and offering Birmingham students an opportunity to learn, discover and explore.

First-hand experience

By taking part in one of the activities of Professional Services Week, your students will get first-hand experience of the atmosphere and environment in which these firms operate, find out about the type of jobs on offer and the skills required to fulfil these opportunities.

Valuable Networking

Professional Services Week can help you as a school to build relationships and contacts who can help not just students but also teaching staff  to discover a sector perhaps unfamiliar to them. Our network of individual professionals and firms   can potentially also support you with school management challenges e.g. finance, HR, or legal and could be candidates to join your governing body. By participating, we are also helping you to meet Ofsted’s requirements around exposure to the world of work.


We understand the challenges facing 14-16 years old in education. What skills will I need to achieve a happy and sustainable employment? Will I be able to build a career in my hometown or have to move away? Do I understand  all the various options open to me for the future? Is there a world of opportunity out there I don’t even know about?

We believe Birmingham’s Business and Professional Services will and should be a viable and exciting option to young people living and being educated in the city today. Here are our top 4 reasons why we think just that:

2nd largest sector for employment in the region
The BPS sector equates to approximately 15% of employment UK, but in Greater Birmingham the proportion is even higher, accounting for 23% of the workforce and over 30% of economic output.  The sector is set to grow by circa 35% creating approximately 60,000 more jobs by 2030.

A fast growing global reputation
Greater Birmingham is growing both in size and reputation and therefore will be offering a breadth of opportunity for our young people. The sector is vibrant and prosperous. The city is becoming first choice for large professional firms to locate their head offices and support functions that support multi-office businesses nationally and globally, the most recent high profile examples being the forthcoming move by HSBC and the arrival of Deutsche Bank a few years ago.

It’s not just finance and legal people…

Professional services does not simply encompass the usual disciplines you might expect; lawyers, surveyors or accountants – there are  many other careers and roles within professional service firms that make them tick. From front of office staff and executive assistants to marketing and communications teams, to HR, administrative, security and support staff – all are vital roles in making firms successful.

A well-connected city - making it easy to work here.
With excellent transport links throughout the city, from buses, trains to the all new tram system, the heart of the city is easily accessible from all corners of Birmingham and beyond.

So it’s an exciting time to be a part of it and to ensure that young people educated in Birmingham are welcomed into Birmingham jobs.