Students: Next Steps & Useful Tools

Whilst Professional Services Week is offering you the chance to visit and experience professional services firms in your own home town, we’re certain you’ll want to find out more about how you can achieve your ambitions and actually become a part of one of their teams.

With so many different pathways to your future, it’s important to keep your options open and discover what just may be your route to success.

Below we’ve listed a number of training programmes to consider, run by both the big names in professional services here in Birmingham and by local colleges, to help guide you on your way to achieving the next steps towards your professional services career!

BrightStart at Deloitte

Deloitte’s BrightStart scheme is an opportunity to develop your professional career at one of the ‘big four’ finance firms, working on-the-job as well as completing your professional education. Deloitte seeks apprentices at all levels: from post A-level students, to recent graduates and even those who are unsure about their future in their first job.

Want a little taster? See and hear from Deloitte apprentice graduates below about their experiences:


Greater Birmingham Professional Services Academy


Part of Birmingham Metropolitan College group and backed by a wide range of professional firms, the UK’s first Professional Services Academy is dedicated to helping you grow your skills and develop you into a leading professional. As you work as part of the team in one of Birmingham’s leading firms in areas such as marketing, law, IT and finance, you will also study towards your professional services apprenticeship qualification, allowing you to progress within the business and achieve your career aims.

Some of the exciting apprenticeships on offer with the academy (applications open until 19th June) are:

  • Accounting Apprenticeships
  • Surveyors Apprenticeships
  • Business Admin Apprenticeships

Discover and apply for all apprenticeship opportunities with Birmingham Metropolitan College here.

Get in touch for more information at or call 0845 155 0101 to talk to an advisor.


Lloyds Apprentices

A permanent role with a professional salary, whilst working towards your professional qualifications. Lloyds apprentice scheme offers just that, with apprenticeships across many different areas of the banking business; from dealing with customers face-to-face, building exciting new technology platforms or communicating to customers & businesses across the globe as part of Lloyds’ marketing teams.

Visit their apprenticeships website, where they offer guidance to fit your personality type to the apprenticeship opportunities available.



cog logo blue

The exciting new digital platform created by Birmingham City Council aimed at tackling youth unemployment in Birmingham,  to help get young people into training and employment.

Cog’s promise to young people of Birmingham, aged 14-25yrs old access to employment, education, training, apprenticeship or experience of work – within four months of leaving education, employment or training.

Create. Young people, teachers, parents & carers and training providers alike, create their online profile to determine what you can receive and how the platform can work for you.

Connect. Connect to business networks, careers advice, specialist websites and organisations that can assist in finding a great job.

Climb. Seize opportunities, be inspired to train for and succeed in the jobs and the workforce that will build our city.


Aston University – Degree Apprenticeships

aston university

Aston University believes experience is as important as education. We believe that a degree shouldn’t just give you the knowledge of how to succeed in your ideal career, but teach you how to do it.

A degree apprenticeship is a new way to get the experience you need. Put simply, you work and study over the course of your degree in your chosen field. Your employer and the government pay your fees. Take a look at the opportunities available below:

Digital & Technology 

Manager in Leadership and Business Management


Chartered Accountant Qualifications – ICAEW

Like the idea of earning while you learn? Perhaps university isn’t for you and you want to get straight into the world of work, gain professional qualifications as you go and open yourself up to a world of opportunity.

ICAEW has a range of opportunities for school leavers to join their programme. Use their pathway finder to discover the best route for you to join their team of Chartered Accountants.