PSW Activities 2018

Professional Services Week comprises of a number of activities that are either hosted by employers from the sector in and around the central business district in Birmingham, or at your school with representatives from professional services firms co-hosting activities.

Download the registration form below to register your interest in taking part in PSW 2018.

PSW 2018 – Registration Form

PSW 2018 – Overview of Activities

Business Walk
Opportunity to visit two professional services sector businesses, with a walking tour through the business district. Throughout the visit students will gain a basic understanding of what the firms do, the different job roles that are available and the qualifications required and a sense of the overall environment and atmosphere of the business district. The aim is to demonstrate to the students the range of roles in a professional services firm; for example: you don’t just have to be an accountant to work for an accountancy practice; you could work in IT, Human Resources or the communications team. Lunch is usually included at one of our hosts.
Employer talks – “What do I do at work
Much like a business walk, but without the walk!  In essence these are a chance to visit a business – and you can pick the type e.g law, accountancy, property and construction – and hear about what they do, the variety of roles that exist and how to go about getting a job within such a firm. Quite often they will cover a particular employability skill e.g.
CV writing skills, financial literacy;; interview tips.
Pathway to Professional Services
Specifically for year 10 students, this is a taster day to experience a post-­16 pathway geared towards a potential career in Professional Services at the Greater Birmingham Professional Services Academy (GBPSA) Students will experience curriculum based sessions from this area e.g. accountancy, law, business administration, plus an employer led session from one of the sector’s leading firms, which will reflect the value-­add model students benefit from in the Academy, greatly increasing their chances of employment in the sector. Suitable for students who have a known interest or curiosity in this area as a career and/ or the subject areas and/ or have potential to do so. 
Dragons Den
Aimed at GCSE level pupils with an interest in business studies. The programme is designed to give pupils an insight into entrepreneurship and encourage wider thought about the business world – inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. We will provide all the resources the school needs to run a presentation and series of interactive games to prepare students for entering the Den. The pupils are then put into teams and tasked with creating a new product. A group of volunteers from BPS Birmingham Future (young professionals from across the sector) will host a school for a morning or afternoon and judge the presentations by the pupils: just like the popular BBC television series, the pupils will pitch their ideas to a board of Dragons who will decide whether they would like to invest in the projects. The winning group also receives a medal as a prize.