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Membership Terms and Conditions

On completion, membership application represents a legally binding contract in which the following terms and conditions apply:


  1. Membership to Birmingham Leaders, Birmingham Future and Birmingham Aspire is administered by Business Professional Services Birmingham Limited (Company Registration Number 02497023) (“BPS Birmingham”) a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.
  2. This contract is between the member (“you”) and BPS Birmingham acting on behalf of the unincorporated associations known as Birmingham Leaders, Birmingham Future and Birmingham Aspire (each a “BPS Birmingham Unincorporated Association”).
  3. This contract shall commence on the date of the acceptance of the membership application (subject to receipt of fees in accordance with paragraph 11) and this agreement shall continue for 1 year (“Membership Term”) .
  4. No other terms and conditions but these apply to this contract.


  1. The information that you have provided is true and accurate.
  2. You will pay promptly any monies due to BPS Birmingham.
  3. You will declare any criminal convictions within 30 days.
  4. You accept that BPS Birmingham reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership at its absolute discretion.
  5. Should you wish to cancel membership, you understand that no fees will be refunded within the membership term.
  6. You will abide with the rules and regulations of the BPS Birmingham Unincorporated Association that you have joined (as may be amended/updated from time to time).


  1. Payment of the membership fees is required with the membership application form. Membership will not be processed until payment is received.
  2. Membership fees shall be fixed by BPS Birmingham and may be altered at any time. Members will be notified of any changes in the subscription prior to the date of alteration.
  3. BPS Birmingham reserves the right to reject an application for membership.
  4. You will be issued with a membership number, please keep this safe as you may need this to access your member benefits. Confirmation of membership, your membership number and a VAT receipt will be emailed to you once your membership has been processed.
  5. Membership runs for a twelve month period and is renewable on an annual basis only. Your membership will be effective, subject to these terms and conditions, from the date of the acceptance of the application and receipt of the membership fee to the end of the subsequent 12 month period.
  6. Membership fees are payable in total on an annual basis. Details of payment options are available on the BPS Birmingham website,, as amended from time to time.
  7. Membership numbers are not transferable and benefits from membership can only be used by the person the number has been issued to.
  8. Payment by invoice may be available at the discretion of BPS Birmingham and upon receipt of a valid purchase order number.
  9. Membership is owned by you and is therefore not transferable. If the membership fee has been paid by your employer, then it belongs to the employer and can be transferred in the event that you leave their employment for any reason.  Memberships can be transferred on this basis up to 2 times without incurring an administration fee.


  1. Membership will cease on the expiration of the 12months from which the membership became active, unless renewed prior to this date. Renewals will add a further 12 months to the Membership Term, ending 12 months after the original expiration date. If a renewal is not processed within the Membership Term, a new membership will commence should you re-join at a later date.
  2. Membership of a BPS Birmingham Unincorporated Association can be ceased by BPS Birmingham at its absolute discretion and without being required to assign any reason. Termination or suspension of membership of any member for whatever reason shall not entitle the member concerned to any refund of subscription.
  3. Regardless of payment method, members are committed to their membership up to their annual renewal date.
  4. BPS Birmingham cannot refund any fees paid by individuals who cancel their membership before the end of the membership term that they have paid for.
  5. All these terms and conditions are governed by English Law and any disputes arising from a transaction with BPS Birmingham are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


  1. Membership is on an individual basis as described above, but BPS Birmingham may choose to offer corporate packages from time to time, that provide ways of bulk purchasing memberships. The rules governing these packages will be specified for each one and may be varied at the discretion of BPS Birmingham.


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