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Membership Overview

Membership of BPS Birmingham is on an individual basis for each of our networks: Aspire, Future and Leaders.  Below is summary information on each of these and our Corporate Membership Packs for group membership purchase options.

About our types of membership:

BPS Birmingham Aspire - Student Member
 For those in full-time education – £29 (inc VAT)

BPS Birmingham Aspire - Full Member
 For those in their first/ second year of training/ employment – £60 (exc VAT)

BPS Birmingham Future - Individual Member
 For young professionals working their way up the career ladder – £150 (exc VAT)

BPS Birmingham Leaders - Individual Member
 For senior leaders driving the BPS sector forward in Greater Birmingham – without a Future and/or Aspire corporate pack – £50 (exc VAT)

BPS Birmingham Leaders - Corporate Member
For senior leaders driving the BPS sector forward in Greater Birmingham – with a Future and/or Aspire corporate pack – £0 (exc VAT)

Corporate Membership Multi-Save
Discount for bulk purchases of individual membership for Future and Aspire networks*

5-9 members                        5% discount off total price

10-14 members                   10% discount off total price

15+ members                       15% discount off total price

* Any combination of Future and Aspire Full memberships is possible to receive the discount.


Corporate Membership Multi-Flex
We understand that some businesses would prefer to have a set number of memberships that a chosen group of staff can use.  We offer this option for Future only.

2 memberships from a chosen group of 5 people                               £500 +VAT

5 memberships from a chosen group of 10 people                             £1000 +VAT

10 memberships from a chosen group of 20 people                          £2000 +VAT

In each case for multi-flex, you are required to provide a complete list of names for the group and you may change this group up to two names at a time, a maximum of two times during the year of membership.

BPS Membership FAQs