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Membership Application Form Help

Joining as an Individual

In ABOUT YOU select:

  • “Are you joining?” = yes,
  • “Are others joining” = no

Then in MEMBERS:

  • choose the appropriate “Membership Type” (we have provided a helpful reminder of what each of them mean)
  • Fill in all the details that you know. You can add to these later as we allow you to manage your Membership Profile.
  • Press “Save and Return Later” if you want to come back to it and complete.
  • Press “Next” to proceed to a summary and payment screens.
Once you are a member

Once you become an Individual member, you will be able to use your password that you set to manage your membership with BPS and:

  • add new members to your Membership form to benefit from potential savings and discounts as you grow your business.
  • create a brand new Membership Application Form for a brand new group of members

Once you register more than 1 member then you will a Member Group Administrator and will have special powers! Using the password that you set, you will be able to:

  • manage your Members in line with the terms and conditions of membership (i.e. add and remove members from your Corporate Pack)
  • review engagement reports for your members to see where (beta trial underway)
  • book others onto events quickly and easily (beta trial underway)
Adding colleagues to your Membership
You can add colleagues to your membership at any point.  This means that you will be able to manage their membership such that you can update details on their behalf, book onto events etc.  Effectively you are a “Membership Manager” in our eyes.  You do not have to be a Member of a BPS Birmingham network in order to be a “Membership Manager”. That might sound strange, but we know that there are some awesome PAs, EAs, general superstar employees who look after the interests of fellow colleagues on their behalf.  Either way, the online form can cope with each eventuality and the sections below will help explain what you need to select to ensure that you acquire the correct membership types. If you have already joined and wish to add a member, you can do this by using the link from “My Memberships” when logged in. We recommend that you do it this way, as opposed to starting a fresh application form, if you wish to have linked memberships (i.e.ability to update, book events on behalf of etc.).
Corporate Packs - If you ARE joining as one of the Group

In ABOUT YOU select:

  • “Are you joining?” = yes, (we auto-populate your details in Member 1 to help you!)
  • “Are other joining” = yes

Then in MEMBERS:

  • Choose the appropriate Membership Group Discount Type – we have provided a helpful reminder of what each of them mean
  • Choose the number of Members you are adding to this Membership Form to benefit from the savings and discounts.
  • And then for each Member, choose the appropriate “Membership Type” as required and fill in the details for each Member. Each Member will get an email notification to allow them to set their own secure password, log in and manage their individual membership profile … so don’t worry if you don’t know all the details for each Member … all you need is Name, Email and Address.
  • You will be able to login and manage your own profile, and those profiles of your Members that you added.
  • This makes you a “Member Group Admin” and you will able to manage your members, swop members in and out in line with the Membership Terms and Conditions, and get reports on their engagement with BPS activities.
Corporate Packs - If you ARE NOT joining as one of the Group

In ABOUT YOU select:

  • “Are you joining?” = no,
  • “Are other joining” = yes

Then in MEMBERS:

  • And follow the instructions as above!

You will still be able to login and manage the Member profiles and gain all the benefits of a “Member Group Admin”! You just won’t be able to attend as a Member at BPS Birmingham’s Events.