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Leadership Development – Course Programme

The 2017-18 course will be announced soon. To give you an idea of the course, have a read through the 2016-17 programme.

Wednesday 19 October 2016: Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Developing a go-getter mind-set
  • Seeing and seizing opportunities
  • Inspiring yourself and others to take the next challenge

 Facilitated by Dr Bruno Oliveira, from Aston Business School’s Marketing & Strategy Group

Wednesday 16 November 2016: Leading By The Context

  • Situational leadership and delegation
  • Organizational behaviour, leadership, and business and management

 Facilitated by Pascale Daher from Aston Business School’s Behavioural Insights Group

Wednesday 14 December 2016: Sex, Satan & Outlaws (persuasion in public speaking)

 Facilitated by John Kemp, Head of Training, Wisdom Factory CIC

Wednesday 18 January 2017: Managing Teams – Coaching, Feedback and Motivation Strategies

  • Building teamwork and cohesion among employees
  • Developing resilient teams who respond well to stress and disruptions
  • Effectively delivering team appraisals and feedback
  • Understanding motivation and engagement cycles in teams

Facilitated by Andrew Marcinko from Aston Business School’s Behavioural Insights Group

Wednesday 15 February 2017: Leading A Diverse Workforce

  • The benefits of diversity in teams and leading them.
  • A team of diverse people from diverse backgrounds brings creativity, open-mindedness and innovation as the group challenge the norm/bias and take more risks.

Facilitated by Andrew Marcinko from Aston Business School’s Behavioural Insights Group

Wednesday 8th March 2017: Leadership Interactive

  • Building relationships your team
  • Showing appreciation of others
  • Effectively identifying and communicating the company’s values, aims and challenges to your team

Facilitated by Andy Bass, Founder, BassClusker Consulting

Wednesday 15th March: Transformational Leadership

Facilitated by Nishat Babu, Aston Behavioural Insight Group, Aston Business School

Wednesday 19 April 2017: Your Role As A Leader

  • Understand and plan for the barriers to achieving success for you and your team
  • Create your ‘Leadership Signature’

Facilitated by Luke Fletcher from Aston Business School’s Behavioural Insights Group

We will also be welcoming a senior leader to each session to provide real life experiences that will help participants put their learning into practice.

There will also be a graduation ceremony on Thursday 8th June 2017.

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