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“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction” – John Crosby

In 2011 BPS Birmingham Future commissioned a research study, the Future Commission, into the challenges facing the professional services sector in Birmingham. The findings shocked us.

We don’t have a shortage of talent in Birmingham, but we do have a shortage of people who want to stay and work here, in the professional services sector, as opposed to working in London, Manchester – anywhere else in the UK. Addressing this challenge is complex. But the best start has to be by investing in, and supporting our young professionals from day one, when they are still in higher education in the city region, right through to their mid-level careers. One answer is mentoring. 

Our mentoring schemes are open to all Future members who wish to reap the rewards of being mentored by a successful professional from within the city region, or who feel that they can offer their time and experience as a mentor.

Our vision is to offer well designed and managed mentoring programmes that contribute significantly to the professional and personal development of participants as well as investing in Greater Birmingham’s wider business community and its next generation. Almost one third of Future’s membership is actively involved in one of our mentoring schemes, and we’re determined to make this 100 per cent!

Reverse Mentoring

For 2016, BPS Birmingham Future have introduced a Reverse Mentoring scheme designed to engage its members with BPS Birmingham Leaders and senior business leaders in the city.

How it works

Reverse Mentoring is something that has been trialed across the globe in recent years, with advocates such as IBM. In short, members of Birmingham Future are invited to apply to be Mentors. If accepted, they are then matched with a senior business leader looking to gain a new perspective from a younger business professional. You’ll be invited to meet once a month for a period of at least 6 months, to talk through, in complete confidence, a series of business issues that your “mentee” is considering.

These issues might be specific – for example, how best to use social media in today’s business landscape – or more general, perhaps looking at how you would both tackle a particular business or working practice. We think this could set a precedent for mentoring relationships of the future and for engaging senior business leaders with younger professionals. The process turns decision-making and mutual learning on its head; something that’s likely to be very unique within both mentee organisations.

To see all of the details and express your interest in the scheme, visit the dedicated Future page here.

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