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Mentoring FAQs

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How will Future Mentoring benefit me?

 Research shows that there is a growing number of people being mentored, and offering their time as mentors, in different settings across the UK.

In 2011 BPS Birmingham Future commissioned a research study, the Future Commission, into the challenges facing the professional services sector in Birmingham. Whilst we don’t necessarily have a shortage of talent in Birmingham, we have to ensure that we’re a city region that people want to live, work and develop their careers. A successful way of achieving this is by investing in and supporting our young professionals from day one, when they are still in higher education in the city region, right through to their mid-level careers.

Will I be matched to someone in the same profession as me?

 Not necessarily – wherever possible, we aim to match mentees with a mentor from another professional discipline, but who share similar values and aims in what they’d like to get out of the relationship.  This helps Mentees to get an objective perspective on issues, which can help them to consider things differently. If you specifically want to be matched with someone from the same profession or sector then we will do our best to accommodate this.

How much time will I have to commit to Mentoring/being a Mentee?

 There are no set requirements, so this can vary greatly.  Most matches meet for an hour or so every month.  Whether it’s for coffee, lunch or after work, regular meetings are recommended to ensure the relationship progresses smoothly.

The most successful pairings also ‘check in’ with each other via informal phone calls or email, in-between the scheduled face-to-face meetings.

Good quality mentoring relationships may end when the mentee has outgrown the need for the mentor’s guidance and direction. At this point, the relationship may evolve into a strong friendship, in which the two see each other as peers.