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Future Commission

Birmingham continues to grow its reputation as a first class centre of financial and professional services. Access to talent is a significant part of our city’s ability to attract businesses to locate here; it is therefore vital that we are also doing all that we can to not only attract, but also retain the brightest young professionals to work and live here and to ensure as a key sector generating employment and wealth we continue prosper. Many organisations have considered, and continue to reflect on this challenge. The Birmingham Future Commission, will aim to build on this existing work, but with a very clear and unique purpose and perspective.
The Future Commission has set itself some key questions for which it will seek answers.

What are the key conditions and environment factors that will make Birmingham a number one choice for young professionals? From the young professional community’s viewpoint, what are the key influencers that can shape Birmingham in the future that delivers sector growth and profile? As the next generation of business and potential civic leaders, how should Birmingham evolve to ensure economic prosperity? Birmingham Future is uniquely placed to consider these questions and The Future Commission is an initiative in response to the challenges we face. By undertaking the Future Commission our aim is to help realise our city’s economic potential and make Birmingham the number one choice for talented individuals.

Partnering with the world renowned Warwick Business School, combined with advisory support from the respected urban policy institute, Centre for Cities, The Future Commission will look at a variety of influences and conditions from the perspective and experience of young professional that impact of Birmingham as place to build a career. Part of the evidence will focus of Birmingham as a city and how that needs to develop to ensure it remains a centre of excellence in professional services in the future.

The Future Commission Report and recommendations will set the agenda for dialogue with a range of key stakeholders going forward and provide an authoritative basis on which Birmingham Future can continue to play a leading role in shaping the professional services sector in the city.