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Getting involved with BYPY is not just about association; it’s a clear, bold commitment to the future talent in our city and the direct support of young professionals who can build a legacy.

The awards not only acknowledge the contribution of individuals to the city, but they also promote Greater Birmingham as the hotbed of professional talent it is; as well as align key sponsors, stakeholders and partners with the city’s great success stories.

As a BYPY sponsor you benefit from 12 months of opportunity; from the night itself, right through a series of associated professional events and promotions. You can really build your association with the city and its professional network. We work with our sponsors to ensure that maximum impact is achieved, while giving you the chance to tell your story and share your vision for the city’s young professionals.

Becoming one of our sponsors is so much more than being a part of the stunning ceremony. You will have access to an audience of more than 6,000 professionals, the chance to network with and market to the supporters of BYPY and Birmingham Future, as well as featuring in press coverage.