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What is the Trainee Professional Scheme?

BPS Birmingham Aspire’s Trainee Professional scheme has been successfully running for over a decade, providing a unique career opportunity to Trainee Professionals who have gone on to be hired full-time by companies involved in the scheme.

Aim of the scheme

What is involved?

What will the Trainee Professional gain from the scheme?

What kind of individuals are BPS and the employers looking for?

What are professional services?

Which employers could I be working at on the scheme?

Read what our current Trainee Professional, Hector, thinks about the scheme, what it means to him to be a Trainee Professional and what he has achieved so far in his testimonial below:

“The BPS Birmingham Trainee Professional Scheme offers a wonderful opportunity to work at three established firms in three different industries. I believe that this is very beneficial for your career for several reasons:

Try before you buy

By working at three different firms, you will gain exposure to different working environments, which means you will have the ability to determine what areas within the professional service sector you enjoy and which areas you don’t.

Explore unexpected avenues

If you’re undecided on the field you want to enter, the trainee professional program can give you the chance to try out roles, departments and industries you’ve never considered, which may help narrow down your options, or even open up a whole new career path.


They say your ‘network is your net worth’ and this scheme will definitely help you build your own. Whether it is with your colleagues, clients or other professionals across Birmingham – you will able to build connections with professionals and leading figures in you chosen sector and company which can certainly open doors for your career

Gain confidence and build your CV

Gaining real experience in the workplace will allow you to hone the skills you have already accumulated regardless of your education background, making you a far more attractive prospect for future employers.

 Personally, the BPS Birmingham trainee professional has allowed me to build my confidence and my skill set. I now know that I have the ability to succeed within the professional services sector. If you want to be challenged, develop wide career experiences, learn about your strength and weakness, work with amazing people and determine where you want to start your career then the this is the scheme for you.”


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Employer Testimonials

Applications for the Trainee Professional Scheme are now open and will close on the 11th May

To find out more about getting involved as an employer, please email