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What is the Trainee Professional Scheme?

For over a decade BPS Birmingham Aspire’s Trainee Professional scheme has been successfully providing a unique career opportunity to Trainee Professionals many of  whom have gone on to be hired full-time by companies involved in the scheme.

Applications for our 2019 scheme have now closed

Aim of the scheme

The aim of the scheme is to provide individuals with a valuable opportunity in Birmingham to experience three different roles at three different companies within the professional services sector over a 12-month salaried placement.

What is involved?

The successful candidates will rotate around three of the companies, completing 4 month placements at each over a 12-month period. The individual will be supported by both their employers, other Trainee Professionals and a mentor from BPS Birmingham throughout the scheme. Each placement will be tailored to the Trainee Professional depending on the needs of that individual as well as the needs of the business. The Trainee Professional will have the opportunity to shape their placement to ensure they get as much out of it, personally and professionally, as possible.

What will the Trainee Professional gain from the scheme?

Having the chance to complete three placements in three completely different industries is a great way to build your CV, develop your skills and discover where your interests lie. The scheme will allow you to demonstrate an ability to adapt to different working environments; a skill which will be beneficial in any future career. The scheme provides the Trainee Professional with the opportunity to be part of BPS Birmingham with a 1-year membership and place on the committee which will broaden your professional network, help you to develop key skills and allow you to attend personal and professional development focused events.

What kind of individuals are BPS and the employers looking for?

BPS Birmingham and the employers involved are looking for someone who is highly motivated, driven to succeed and has a hunger to learn. You must be pro-active and not afraid to get stuck in. No technical knowledge or prior experience within professional services is required as training will be provided during each placement, but employers are looking for someone who is confident, not afraid of a challenge and curious to learn.

What are professional services?

By professional services we mean businesses whose primary purpose is to support other business through providing specialist advice, knowledge and consultancy It could be providing accountancy services and tax advice. It can be legal services. It can be selling or leasing an office building. It may be providing insurance cover. People working in the professional services help clients manage, support and grow their businesses through these different roles.

Which employers could I be working at on the scheme?

This year’s employers include Deloitte,  Handelsbanken and more to be confirmed.

Read what our previous Trainee Professional, Hector, thinks about the scheme, what it means to him to be a Trainee Professional and what he has achieved so far in his testimonial below:

“The BPS Birmingham Trainee Professional Scheme offers a wonderful opportunity to work at three established firms in three different industries. I believe that this is very beneficial for your career for several reasons:

Try before you buy

By working at three different firms, you will gain exposure to different working environments, which means you will have the ability to determine what areas within the professional service sector you enjoy and which areas you don’t.

Explore unexpected avenues

If you’re undecided on the field you want to enter, the trainee professional program can give you the chance to try out roles, departments and industries you’ve never considered, which may help narrow down your options, or even open up a whole new career path.


They say your ‘network is your net worth’ and this scheme will definitely help you build your own. Whether it is with your colleagues, clients or other professionals across Birmingham – you will able to build connections with professionals and leading figures in you chosen sector and company which can certainly open doors for your career

Gain confidence and build your CV

Gaining real experience in the workplace will allow you to hone the skills you have already accumulated regardless of your education background, making you a far more attractive prospect for future employers.

 Personally, the BPS Birmingham trainee professional has allowed me to build my confidence and my skill set. I now know that I have the ability to succeed within the professional services sector. If you want to be challenged, develop wide career experiences, learn about your strength and weakness, work with amazing people and determine where you want to start your career then the this is the scheme for you.”


Get Involved!

Could YOU be the next Trainee Professional? Would you like to gain first-hand exposure of working for some of Birmingham’s most reputable and successful companies? Are you keen to build a range of skills that will apply to any future career in the professional services? Or are you a forward-thinking employer looking to secure the top graduate talent in your business?

The 12 month scheme will see you undertake three 4 month placements at three leading businesses in the city, acting as an ambassador for BPS Birmingham Aspire, your employers, the city, and the region. Each placement will provide you with first hand exposure to the day-to-day operations of some of the most innovative and exciting companies in Birmingham. Previous employers include JLT Insurance, IDEX Consulting, Deloitte LLP, Gateley LLP, DBK, Katie Bard, and more.

Outside of work you will be closely supported by BPS Birmingham Aspire in your ambassadorial activities, attending networking events and working closely with influential professionals and leaders. As Trainee Professional, you will benefit from being in a recognised and visible position, with access to extensive training, networking, and development opportunities throughout your 12 month placement.

Entry Criteria/Person Specification

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Excellent communicator able to work in fast-paced, client facing environments
  • Willing to positively and enthusiastically represent the scheme and BPS Birmingham Aspire through networking and events outside of working hours
  • Strong team player, problem solver, enthusiastic and passionate character
Employer Testimonials

Fleetmilne Property “FleetMilne Property took part in the Graduate Apprentice scheme in May 2014, when Dan Malin came to join us for his third and final placement. We quickly realised that Dan had a powerful way with words, and put him in charge of all of FleetMilne’s social media. At the end of his year as Graduate Apprentice, Dan had been offered permanent positions by all three employers. Luckily for us, he chose to stay with FleetMilne, and ran our internal marketing function for another 12 months. The scheme was a fantastic way for us to get to know Dan and his strengths – and realise that there was a role within the team that needed to be filled, even after the placement had finished. Dan achieved a great deal in the initial four months he worked with us – the scheme is an effective way for employers to ‘try out’ a new role or project without committing to a long-term contract, while offering valuable experience to the graduate.”

Katie Bard “The graduate apprentice offers a unique opportunity for a city to showcase its to offering across all sectors to the best graduate talent not just in the city region or even the UK as a whole but globally. As an employer the platform this creates and the fact that it is tied to such a real experience is exceptional. We have been lucky to be involved in the Graduate Apprentice in some form for nearly 10 years and as employer, as well as a graduate recruiter, I am constantly impressed that firms of all sizes across city work together to create a real role for a graduate over a year. These are not internships or work experience but a snapshot of a real graduate job within those firms. It is a great to be involved in opening up new ideas and careers to a graduate as well as to be able to recruit from a pool of such excellent talent. I would urge any firm who is invested in developing their business and their position as an employer of choice in the Midlands to get involved!”