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Aspiring Student Mentoring – Call for mentors and updates on the new 2020 programme!

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Here in the BPS Futures Mentoring Committee, we’ve taken the opportunity during lockdown to rethink the way our student mentoring programme is run and we’d like to update you all.

We’re also recruiting new mentors during October, so read on to find out a bit more about the key changes this year and how you can get involved!

Name Change

The first thing we want to let you know about is that we’ve changed the name slightly to reflect the aims of the programme to the Aspiring Student Mentoring programme. The programme is open to ANY University students studying in Birmingham, and they don’t need to be Aspire members. There’s been a little confusion previously where the previous “Aspire” name was interpreted to mean it was a programme only open to BPS Aspire members so hopefully the new name will help to clarify.

New Virtual Format – less time commitment from you!

The last cohort of the Futures Mentoring ran virtually, due to lockdown and social distancing guidelines. There’s been benefits to running the programme virtually as both Mentors and Mentees have saved on travel time, so we’re pleased to announce that the next Aspiring Student Mentoring programme will also be run remotely giving you more flexibility and some extra time to boot!

How to sign up to be a mentor and what’s in it for you?

Aside from that lovely feeling we all get when helping someone aspiring to get into the professions, here’s a few pointers we’ve heard from previous mentors about why they do it and what they get out of it:

  • Helps my leadership development.
  • Helps get my companies brand recognised by the next generation.
  • My mentee has helped me to navigate the digital world – students have amazing insight into how to utilise social media!
  • Has helped give me a different perspective on some of my work challenges.

Here’s a couple of quotes from previous mentors working within the law sector about their experience and motivations:

“I’m passionate about improving access to professional services for young people and being a part of the mentoring scheme has been a great way for me to do this by sharing my experience with my mentee and offering insight into what a career in professional services is really like” – A Birmingham based Solicitor.

“Being a mentor has not only given me the opportunity to give back to the community, but it has also helped me to develop valuable skills to help me in my career, such as leadership and communication skills” – A Birmingham based Paralegal.

If you’re sold on the idea of using your knowledge and experience to help support the next generation of Birmingham’s young professionals, please sign up via our application form HERE.

If you want some more information first, please feel free to get in touch with us at we’d be very happy to answer any questions you may have and we’re looking forward to welcoming you all to our next group of Aspiring Student Mentors.

Just to clarify, mentors do not need to be BPS members, this is open to anyone working within the BPS target professions sectors (Legal, Finance, HR, Recruitment and Training, Marketing and Communications or Property and Construction) in Birmingham.

We will also be recruiting for mentors for our Future Mentoring programme shortly, so let us know if you are interested in mentoring someone who is already working in the professions in an early careers role instead of (or as well as!) a student.