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Meet the Membership - Daniel Griffiths

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Committee Role: BPS Future Property & Infrastructure committee member

What is your background, and what is your current profession?

I am a transport planner by profession, based in Birmingham city centre but with projects across the UK. I’ve been really fortunate to work on many of the key regeneration and redevelopment projects in the city, including Paradise, Mailbox, Grand Hotel, Barclaycard Arena, BrindleyPlace, Port Loop, Bullring, Grand Central as well as transport policy and connectivity projects. I am a Director at Peter Brett Associates, now part of Stantec, responsible for the Birmingham office.

When and why did you join BPS Future?

I joined the committee in March 2018 for three reasons:

  • one, having spent a long time working in Birmingham I wanted to help use my contacts to progress the committee and organising the events
  • two – I wanted to try and do something outside of work that wasn’t just transport related, and
  • three – I’d always attended the Biennial development events and felt it was something I could contribute to.

What is your favourite and most rewarding part of membership? What have you achieved as a likely result of membership?

The breadth of the individuals involved, and their different approaches is always good to see. We have good debates as other committee members are also really passionate about the city. The positive feedback after events such as the Commonwealth Games or the Christmas markets is always very rewarding.

Has there been a stand-out BPS Future event you attended? Why was it so good?

The Biennial events are one of the reasons I wanted to join the committee so I could pick any of those in the last ten years. I have always cleared my diary to attend them. Otherwise, I really enjoyed our 2038 event last year, where we had expert speakers, and challenged them on what Birmingham might look like as a place to live, work and play.

What are you passionate about? What are you involved in outside of work? (committees, sports, volunteering, hobbies)

I’m a bit of a transport geek, so my Twitter feed is inundated with good (and bad) examples of place-making, cycling and inclusive transport infrastructure. Outside of that, I like to play golf but the opportunities have reduced since my son was born but I still try to get out on the course when I can!

In 3 words tell us what “My Birmingham. My Future” means to you?

Inclusive, happy, proud!