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Meet The Membership: Laura Anderson

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What is your background, and what is your current profession?

I’ve worked for HSBC since leaving University working across our Retail Banking business, and in our Strategy and HR functions.  I have broader HR business partnering experience and am currently a talent professional working with early careers talent as the Graduate and Intern Development lead for HSBC UK.

When and why did you join BPS Future?

I joined BPS Future in autumn 2017.  After moving to Birmingham in late 2016 I wanted to build connections within my new city.  As I look after early careers talent who are geographically mobile, and move placements every 6 months, I actively endorsed Aspire membership to our graduates based in Birmingham and it was a natural link for me to join Future.

What is your favourite and most rewarding part of membership? What have you achieved as a likely result of membership?

I really like being part of the Development Committee.  It’s allowed me to build stronger bonds with the other committee members, and by association meet other BPS Future members at the Big Talk events we host quarterly.  I particularly enjoyed the challenge of organising the Digital Future event in Winter 2018 and seeing how engaged members were in the discussion and networking afterwards.

Has there been a stand-out BPS Future event you attended? Why was it so good?

For me it was the BPS Future Committee Meet-Up in March 2019.  Due to work commitments I don’t really get to go to the other events BPS organise so it was so nice to put faces to names.

What are you passionate about? What are you involved in outside of work?

I love a bit of party planning – anything that’s themed and gets me on Pinterest searching for ideas and really making it a special experience is my thing.

In 3 words tell us what “My Birmingham. My Future” means to you?

Exciting. Anticipation. Friendly.

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