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Meet the Membership - Martin Prince-Parrott

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Martin Prince-Parrott sits as the Chair of our recently re branded Property & Infrastructure Committee. We caught up with him to hear his thoughts on Birmingham, being a member of Future and the impact the city’s infrastructure has on communities and the professional services sector as a whole.

What is your background, and what is your current profession?

Architect. Background in residential design, tall buildings with some higher education.

When and why did you join BPS Future?

I joined BPS to develop my network and take the opportunity to develop skills which I may not have had the opportunity to develop till much later in my career. Leadership, networking, volunteering.

What is your favourite and most rewarding part of membership? What have you achieved as a likely result of membership?

The most rewarding part of membership is being amongst so many young and driven professionals. Everyone I meet inspires me and shows me that ‘if they can do it, so can I.’ Most people aren’t as driven as BPS people. There is so much I couldn’t have achieved without being part of BPS. My profile has increased, along with my confidence. I have developed a network which started off with colleagues at the same level as me, but is now populated with young Directors of major companies I understand how the city works much better and have a way of finding things out that I couldn’t if I had accepted the ‘traditional’ route of growth outlined by employers.

Has there been a stand-out BPS Future event you attended? Why was it so good?

All the Property and Infrastructure Events are ‘Stand-Out’.

What are you passionate about? What are you involved in outside of work? (committees, sports, volunteering, hobbies)

I became an Architect because I wanted to help make the world a better, greener, more beautiful place for people. Once I began to practice I quickly felt I could do much more.

I felt duty bound to use my skills to improve the lives of others; particularly children and young people, because they’re the future. With no future to look forward to, all of this is meaningless.
This belief underpins my voluntary work.

Coventry School of Architecture: As a visiting teacher I help the students with their design and course work. I try to encourage two things. Humility and methodical thought.
I encourage them to see design as problem solving. A process which can only be resolved though listening, reflecting and testing. As problem solvers we must be servants to those who suffer. It’s our duty to help as best we can.

Without this sense of responsibility and service, design becomes an indulgent exercise which leaves society poorer and unfulfilled.

I believe that if I can help the next generation of Architects become more humble and solution orientated, I can help them and society in a long term and meaningful way.

National Youth Recorder Orchestra (NYRO): NYRO provides recorder training to children, from beginner to orchestra level. NYRO is famous for their orchestral retreats. These residentials focus on practice and confidence building. As a trustee I assist the board with the running of this fantastic charity, particularly its marketing and fundraising strategy. I’m passionate about the work the charity does because I understand how feeling talented and confident at a young age can positively change the trajectory of your whole life. If I can help do this for one child, I’ll be happy.

I am also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and enthusiastic supporter of LoveBrum

In 3 words tell us what “My Birmingham. My Future” means to you?

A civic legacy.