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Meet the Members: Amy Whitehouse

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We met with Amy Whitehouse from our committee who is our BYPY Lead and LoveBrum liaison. Here’s what she had to say:

What is your background, and what is your current profession?

I qualified to be a solicitor in September last year, qualifying in to the employment law team at Weightmans LLP. Prior to that I have worked for Brummie firms such as Glide Utilities, the University of Law (Birmingham) and Higgs and Sons solicitors as a paralegal.

When and why did you join BPS Future?

I joined as soon as I got to Birmingham back in 2013. I had just graduated from university and moved home (to Coventry). I didn’t have any professional contacts in Birmingham and was looking to pursue my legal career here. I worked for Glide Utilities, my boss James Villarreal had previously won BYPY and was really encouraging for the team to get involved in all things BPS. I joined the netball team and went to events regularly, and I’m proud to now sit on the Engage committee.

What is your favourite and most rewarding part of membership? What have you achieved as a likely result of membership?

I genuinely believe I owe my whole career to it. I didn’t know anyone in Birmingham when I joined and going to the events and meeting new people gave me the confidence and ability to liaise with young and senior professionals in Birmingham. From the contacts and professional network I now have, I have already had great success in my career and have no doubts I will continue to do so.

Has there been a stand-out BPS Future event you attended? Why was it so good?

Very cliché but BYPY is legendary and will always be a favourite.

What are you passionate about? What are you involved in outside of work? (committees, sports, volunteering, hobbies)

As well as a solicitor I’m also a qualified PT and fitness instructor. I only teach spin classes now on a Sunday afternoon but still love all things health and fitness every other day of the week. I’m also a big foodie, and love visiting local Birmingham food/ drink spots with family and friends.

In 3 words tell us what “My Birmingham. My Future” means to you?

Home. Spirit. Success.