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The B of the Bang: The Property & Infrastructure Committee

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Much is said of Birmingham’s rapid and ongoing renaissance. Many impressive statistics are bandied about; statistics such as,

‘There has been more investment in Birmingham in the last 5 years than there has been in the last 25 years.’


‘There is more investment in Birmingham than there is any other European capital. ’

It is an exceptional and exciting time to be a built environment professional in the city. The energy in the city is electric, our renewed self-confidence and optimism is palpable. Even in the face of Brexit.

This is why our proud committee has chosen to rebrand, relaunch and refocus.

We understand that with so much going on in the city we have an opportunity, or rather, a duty, to make sure that the Birmingham Future membership is well informed about the current state of development.

Our goal is quite simple; to ensure that those who attend our events have an edge on those who don’t.

Nothing compares to being in a room with the HS2 Head of Commercial Development or putting a direct question about 5G to the Chair of the WMCA Digital board. These are things our attendees were able to do in 2018.

This is what we offer.


However, this year, under my leadership, we’ve chosen to refocus on what makes us our committee and our events, different.

Anyone who has ever held a mortar trowel will tell you that a successful brick wall isn’t really made or indeed broken by the bricks, although they are very important.

No, its success is contingent on the mortar and how well one respects, understands and applies it.

So the same applies to the built environment. To neglect the city’s, history, communities, culture, landscape and identity is to neglect the, ‘mortar’. That which binds all of the city’s constituent parts and the very essence of what makes it great.

That is why the focus of our events extend beyond the buildings, roads and rail; to include questions and commentary about what happens between the buildings, what impact will these developments have on our lives, our heritage, our health and our futures.

We understand that development, buildings, affect us all in profound and often unforeseen ways. If there is any way through our events or activities which we can positively influence this, we have a responsibility to try. So do you.

So whether you’re a built environment professional or simply have an interest in what is going on in our city we encourage you to come along.

It’s a little too early to know exactly what 2019 holds, but one thing is for certain, it won’t be boring.

See you there.

– Martin Prince-Parrott RIBA FRSA, Chair, BPS Birmingham Property & Infrastructure Committee

Martin is an Architect at Gensler Birmingham. His interests include cities and tall buildings. He is currently writing a book on how to shift decision making in cities from short term to long term. The hope is that by understanding the wider implications of urban decisions we can make better decisions and better places for ourselves and our children.