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A Spotlight On Victoria Masso

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Victoria Masso is a certified body language trainer, sound engineer and entrepreneur. She runs her own business BeOrigami.

Victoria has a Masters in International Business from Aston University and speaks more than three languages. Throughout her life she has had the privilege to live in many places around the world. Victoria says “this has allowed me to understand the world from different angles as well as made me aware and question things I would not have otherwise”.

Here she has shared with us 5 things that have improved her professional life by getting out of her comfort zone

1) Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially to people that are in top places and seem unreachable. Most of the time they will be happy to give you a hand. Just ask!

2) Surround yourself with people that know more than you. This will keep you motivated and you will learn more. If you always network and meet new people, you never know who could you meet that will change your life. One of my most life changing decisions was to study at Aston University, they have introduced me to a land of new opportunities and connections.

4) My personal motto is ‘embrace randomness’. Serendipity will allow you to have new enriching experiences and meet key people that will help you throughout your career.

3) Learn how to say hello, thank you and good bye in as many languages as you can and learn a fact about each country. We live in a globalised world, people appreciate you taking the time to know more about them.

5) Read, watch TED talks, learn new skills, go to classes, network in your new classes, try a new activity and keep yourself informed! Knowledge is true power.