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BPS Birmingham calls for responses to Productivity and Skills Commission

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The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) has launched a Productivity and Skills Commission to explore some of the key issues affecting our region’s economy. BPS Birmingham is responding to its Call for Evidence– and we’d welcome your input.

There’s a national challenge around productivity, but the position is even starker at a regional level – including in our own sector.

There are many contributory factors to skills and productivity levels. The Call for Evidence sets out the challenge and the issues the Commission wants to investigate.

In our response, we’ll be focusing on a small number of issues. These include: skills, careers advice and employment pathways; social mobility and aspiration levels; diversity of the workforce; digital connectivity, technology and automation; collaboration, inward investment and attractiveness to headquarters functions; connections to higher education; the notion of ‘good work’ and leadership.

You can find out more about the Commission, including the Call for Evidence, here

The Call for Evidence poses a number of questions, but we’ll be answering just a selection of them. If you have any evidence to share or comments to make on the issues we’re addressing – or answers to any of the questions in the Call – please email