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Graduate Apprentice: My Time at Katie Bard

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As part of the Graduate Apprentice scheme, I have the unique opportunity of spending 12 months in three leading businesses in Birmingham. I’m currently three months into my second four-month placement at Katie Bard and I must say that time has flown by! Over the past three months, I’ve been working on an exciting project which looks into the careers of candidates whom Katie Bard has introduced to organisations over the past 15 years.

Katie Bard strongly believes that candidates should add value to the organisations they are placed with and should see the job as a step in their career.  This project was created by John Mortimer, the Angela Mortimer Group CEO, in order to find out more about the development of candidates’ careers after Katie Bard placed them as well as the value that they have brought to organisations. This is a great opportunity as not many interns can say that they’ve been able to work on a project for the CEO of a global organisation!

I’ve really enjoyed talking to candidates about their diverse careers. I’ve heard stories of people who have undertaken professional qualifications to increase their knowledge, who have founded their own businesses and who have progressed to leading teams at senior management level. It was certainly a challenge to reach a large number of busy people and to ensure that I had covered all the areas that I wanted to learn about. However, there’s no better way of building a picture of someone’s career development than discussing it with them and hearing their thoughts and feelings about how the role they were placed in has impacted on their career.

After talking to 100 candidates about their careers, I moved on to the data analysis stage. This analytical stage really played to my strengths and I really enjoyed looking at the data to create charts and identify trends. I’m currently writing a report based on the analysis and I’m also planning a presentation which I’ll be delivering this month to the CEO and the other consultants in my team.

I feel that my placement at Katie Bard has been very useful in terms of my personal development. I’ve really had to work on my ability to build a rapport with people over the phone and have improved my data analysis, which are both skills that will be useful in my future career. I’m looking forward to presenting my project in a couple of weeks as I think it provides some really interesting insights into the impact that Katie Bard has had on candidates’ careers.

Kizzy Ramah, Birmingham Aspire Graduate Apprentice