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StressBox: Handle stress the fun way!

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On 22nd February I will be sharing my approach to handling stress with aspiring students and professionals as they dive into their careers.  The StressBox taster session will be taking place at the swanky Park Regis Hotel Sky Bar from 6.30pm.

Let me take you back to 3 years ago when I discovered my first encounter of unexpected workplace stress. It was October 2013 and I was enjoying my life, casually working in catering with a warm purpose of maintaining customer happiness & health, whilst exploring a new avenue with my fitness coaching with Les Mills BodyPump. The company I was working for was going through transition, which I took to optimistically until the transition turned into a nightmare! Unhappy staff, unhappy customers, unhappy Liam. I wasn’t prepared for it and it hit me emotionally. They had taken away my purpose and I was gutted…simple Stress I guess.

At the time if you would have told me I was stressed, I would have laughed and said “workplace stress is for men in suits”. My point is that stress affects us all in different ways, and in ways you wouldn’t expect. This was my calling to dive deeper and explore alternative therapies, having been disappointed in the current health care solutions.

From Meditation, Body Psychology and Mantras to purposely exercising happiness, I did it all and it worked. Within a month I felt fearless, energetic, decisive and totally in control of my emotional stress. Using my creative coaching skills, I decided to incorporate samples of these therapies into my workouts. I loved it, my customers loved it and StressBox was born.

So my message to you ASPIRED young guns, is to continue to dream big and aim high, but more importantly, to prepare for success because can have its flaws. Many CEO’s are suffering from chronic stress. 1 in 6 people are likely to suffer from a mental health problem at work. In 2015 13.3 million people were too embarrassed to consult their GP about their mental health problem.

Make sure you book onto this unique event, it’s an opportunity to get radically honest with yourself and express current stress. This will lead you to a new awareness path that will build your resilience, emotional intelligence, and composure so you have the mental tools that I didn’t.

I hope to see you on the 22nd!

Liam Joe, StressBox