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Get ready to get on the Board

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Have you been thinking about joining a Governance Board but lack the confidence? Then get ready with The Effective Board Member Programme ‘Get on the Board’ – now taking applications for the September cohort.

The free ‘Get On The Board’ programme from The Effective Board Member is designed to equip young people -who want to contribute to the leadership of organisation by becoming a board member-with the relevant skills, opportunities and governance knowledge.

Many boardrooms lack the influential voice of young people who can bring contemporary views to the table of any organisation.

With the focus on corporate governance ‘Get On The Board’ offers a unique opportunity to rise to the top, stand out and lead!

This course will enable you to enhance your professional networks and provide leadership skills that are not ordinarily taught on conventional leadership or personal development courses. The programme is delivered by experienced facilitators who have real and practical experience on boards and all share the ability to communicate these experiences clearly and concisely.

Course dates and further information can be found at

To become a corporate sponsor of the programme please contact Elizabeth Muir

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