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The Next Generation Awards scheme has been working with young people in Birmingham’s secondary schools for twelve years and has now encouraged over 26,500 young people to develop ideas for improving some aspect of Birmingham, encouraging pupils to be active, responsible citizens that contribute positively to the development of the City.

Attending the panels is a very inspirational and enjoyable experience and so if you be able to spare a few hours of your time and are keen to get involved we would very much encourage you to get in touch.

Each year approximately 20 schools participate and BCS rely on the help of volunteers that kindly offer an occasional morning or afternoon to sit on the panels and help us to assess the presentations made by each team.

The in-school assessment panels tend to happen between April and the end of June and we are very keen to enrol some new volunteers to help us with the panels this year.

You can find out more here:

If you would be interested in getting involved please contact Jo Dunlop, the Next Generation Awards Project Manager via email on