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Get Active with Future

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 Did the Christmas overindulgence reach new heights? Are you on a ‘New Year, New Me’ quest?

This year, our Sports Committee wants you to get up, get active and ‘give it a go’. Every month, we’ll highlight a session where you’ll get the opportunity to get that heart rate up whilst potentially trying something new. The first of these is Clubbercise; an active exercise class that’s taking over the nation. You get given glow-sticks and neon fitness gear is actively encouraged, for an aerobic dance session that will feature all of your favourite dance floor fillers. Fancy it? Find out more.

Also, Sport Birmingham – the local charity leading on the growth and improvement of community sport across the city – is launching its fun ‘Active 8-Week Challenge’ as part of the wider ‘Workplace Challenge’ programme. This national eight-week logging challenge takes place from Wednesday 4th January to Tuesday 28th February 2017 and aims to encourage people to fit in ‘bite size’ simple activity in and around the working day in ’10-minute’ chunks. Whether its swapping the lift for stairs or some lunchtime table tennis, through to office aerobics and cycling to work, there’s something suitable for everyone – find out more.