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Are you ready to score your 2017 hat trick?

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If your Facebook timeline is anything like mine, the phrase ‘New Year, New You’ has been trending for the last week. I’m going against the grain, though, and saying that you don’t need to be a new version of ‘you’… you’re already great, but January is the perfect time to look at the opportunities that lay ahead.

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions that will inevitably be broken by the middle of the month, why not set yourself some realistic goals for the year instead? Ones that you’ll actually stick to, with the help of Future?

Goal 1: Climbing the career ladder
Whether you’re working towards a promotion or looking to make the leap to a new firm, Future has a calendar jam-packed with events that will help you achieve what you want to. Our Development Committee has a great event on 25 January that’s all about Managing Your Career in 2017; looking at your achievements and plans for the future. Get yourself booked on and start planning your next steps. Applications for Birmingham Young Professional of the Year Awards 2017 will open soon so why not celebrate your own achievements and put yourself forward? Keep your eyes peeled for details of the launch event and find out why you should put yourself out there and go for a gong.

Goal 2: Managing your work/life balance
As the High School Musical cast once sang, “We’re all in this together”… I know the feeling when you have a to do list as long as your arm and not enough hours in the day. But you can – and should – always make time for things outside of work; family, friends, hobbies and holidays. Finding a work/life balance will help you feel more motivated at work and will help you avoid burnout so don’t look at your diary and think it can’t be done! Future’s committees already have some great extra-curricular activities planned; from CBSO’s Holsts The Planets on 8 February and even a Mocktail Making class to keep you on top of #DryJanuary. Our Sports committee also has some great opportunities to get fit, including the football and netball teams, as well as a monthly taster session. Try something new!

Goal 3: Do something good and give back
On the whole, we all want to ‘give back’ in some way and Future has plenty of opportunities for you to do that. If you want to focus on professional CSR then why not sign up for a Dragons’ Den panel or get your firm involved in Business Walks? Contact our Engage committee to find out more []. It’s not just us beavering away; Aspire’s plans for the annual BrumLife event are well underway so if your firm is keen to promote itself to the city’s students and young professionals, find out more about having a stall. If community projects are more your focus, our charity partner LoveBrum is always looking for new ambassadors and volunteers. Have a look at their website and find out more about the projects you can get involved with. There are loads of ways to give back so don’t let the opportunities of a new year pass you by.

So, if you’ve started resolutions that you know won’t stick, Future is here to get you on track and make your 2017 a successful one.

Check out what else we have coming up, and I’ll see you at an event soon!