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Don’t be beige, be scarlet

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A national public speaking champion delivered Future’s Leadership Development Programme cohort a masterclass in the art of persuasion in public speaking for their third training session.

John Kemp, an accredited stress management practitioner, hosted an interactive workshop pushing the group out of their comfort zones – to be less beige and safe when delivering presentations, and to add a splash of risk.

John, associate of social enterprise The Wisdom Factory CIC, challenged the group to present a topic using parallels to paint a story.

The group was far from beige when presentations brought the room to life; full of laughter and everything from a dancing Santa and Irish jigs, to real life tales of parenthood. John used his wealth of expertise, wit and imagination to skill the group with presenting emotional, provocative and controversial topics. Splitting into three, groups were tasked to craft a presentation based on a statement about mental health awareness.

All of John’s tips were effectively displayed as each syndicate presented credible, creative and logical statements and captured the audience’s hearts with emotional parallels.

The presentations were watched by The Wisdom Factory Directors Mike Mounfield and Sarah Rennie who commented: “there was very little ‘beige’ on display.” Mike and Sarah brought their experience, advice and humour to the workshop, reflecting The Wisdoms Factory value “that it’s in society’s social and economic interests for everyone to achieve their full potential.”

Full of praise for the enthusiasm and skills of Birmingham’s ‘emerging leaders’, John said: “It was a great pleasure to meet the group – one of my highlights of 2016!”

This was the last session before the Christmas break, and the group positively reflected on the experience to date and looked forward to starting 2017 learning coaching, communication and leadership styles with Aston Business School.

If you’ve missed out on the first Future Leadership Development Programme, we’re running a taster session on Wednesday 11 January that’s all about ‘Understand Personality and Communication styles.’ Book now… places are limited!

– Beth Sadler, Aston Business School