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Aspire Blog: I Seek, I Aspire

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Beginnings are just as exciting as they can be difficult. Personally, the more I feel challenged by something, the more I enjoy it. This is what my decision to study abroad was based on over four years ago, and it is still what drives many of my decisions today. In my last year of university I applied for the RBS Graduate Programme, and couldn’t be happier when I was made an offer. Soon after that found out I was moving to Birmingham from London with the job.

New job, new company, new city… during the summer I was looking forward to my new life starting in September. The many things ahead made me feel nervous, but I was determined to have a positive mindset and embrace the change. Moving to Birmingham, I soon realised I loved Birmingham just as much as London. I wanted to do so much: explore the city, meet new people and make friends. I didn’t know where to start. When I found out about Birmingham Aspire and all that it offers, I felt like it was perfect for me.

Birmingham Aspire is part of Business Professional Services (BPS) Birmingham. BPS Birmingham is a network of professionals based in the West Midlands working in the Birmingham area.  It organizes various networking events, workshops, volunteering actions. BPS Aspire is for graduates and people at the start of their career – ambitious and focused people looking for ways to broaden their perspective and network. I am realising more each day the importance of having a good network. You need to be proactive and look for opportunities, both at work and outside of work. A good network can provide opportunities to progress and to try new things.

I had personal reasons for joining Aspire; it was important for me to develop key soft skills and also gain confidence. These are definitely invaluable assets going forward. Aspire has also improved my social life and I have met a real variety of people, from those that have only just started their career and are new to Birmingham, to locals that can introduce me to the city.

Aspire is the newest brand within BPS Birmingham, created as a result of the drive and ambition of young people in the city. The three branches of BPS are closely linked and offer support throughout your entire career, as you move through different levels. With an Executive team who oversee the day to day running of the 3 brands; Aspire, Future and Leaders, the rest of the organisation is run entirely by volunteers who sit on various committees which each have their own special focus.

By becoming an Aspire member, you have access to all Aspire events, and many of the events put on by Future as well. By attending events across both, you get the opportunity to grow an even broader network of new to experienced professionals, all of whom you can learn something from. My next personal challenge is to find a mentor – someone who can help me define my career path and whose steps I can follow on my way to success.

I seek motivation, I seek guidance, I seek connections. To do this I have become an Aspire member. What are you looking for?

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Anca Laura Semenescu, Aspire Advance Committee Member