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Professional Services Week 2016 - Impact Report

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professional services week

At a crowded breakfast event this morning – hosted by PSW lead partner Deloitte – the learning and evaluation report was released for the inaugural Professional Services Week, held in June earlier this year.

Following on from the celebration of success for the Week, the report adds tangible evidence as well as valuable insight into the attitudes and perceptions of the Business Professional Services sector held by the up and coming talent in our City’s secondary schools. There is clear evidence that participating in PSW activities made a significant difference to the number of students who would consider the BPS sector as a career option in future. Furthermore, the activities improved understanding of the sector, demystifying what it is and the roles within it for the majority of participants. In addition, the analysis revealed poignant insights into the value placed on studying at university, which reinforces the need to not only increase the alternative routes to the sector for school leavers, but also the need to improve communication of these important messages.

With such positive results from a new initiative, combined with strong support from participating teachers and employers, the event also marked the launch of PSW 2017, which will take place between 26th-30th June 2017. For more information on this, or to download a copy of the evaluation report, please visit or contact BPS Birmingham.

Professional Services Week Evaluation Report