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BPS Birmingham Future develop entrepreneurial mind-sets with Aston Business School

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The new BPS Birmingham Future Leadership Development Programme launched with a workshop, full of laughter and marshmallows, inspiring the successful applicants on how to develop entrepreneurial mind-sets.

Dr Bruno Oliveira, Associate MBA Director and Lecturer in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Aston Business School, shared cutting-edge research and tools to develop entrepreneurial aspirations in themselves and their teams. Bruno explained an entrepreneurial mind-set is alert and being open to seizing opportunities. Effective entrepreneurs combine experience and knowledge with an experimental attitude to take affordable risks on new ideas. They maximise opportunities through their social networks, which inspires and supports them, to switch on those ‘light bulb’ moments. They have focus and vision. New ideas are experimented with and reflected on, and successful entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes, develop and grow.

Bruno’s top tip; entrepreneurs’ mind-sets develop when they experiment, play and reflect on their ideas. The group was challenged to think outside the box with marshmallows, spaghetti, string and tape! Bruno split the students into teams to build the tallest marshmallow tower in 18 minutes. Cue laughter, frustration and falling spaghetti. One group towered above the rest, proudly high-fiving as their marshmallow stood above all the others.

BPS Future Chair, Tara Tomes commented:

“After a long time in the planning, it was so exciting to finally see the BPS Birmingham Future Leadership Development Programme come to fruition. We have a dedicated cohort of 20 impressive young professionals, who have achieved so much already and I know will really put their learning to the test in everyday work life.

“Bruno gave us a very vibrant start to the Programme. His passion for innovation and entrepreneurialism is unrivalled, but he really knew how to engage the group and get us all thinking about how we could be more open to risk and embrace feedback. What a way to kick off the Programme – bring on the next eight months!”

The first workshop of the Programme received high praise and the group look forward to the next session “Leading by the Context”. Delivered by Aston Business School faculty, the programme will cover a wide range of techniques to develop leadership skills and style. Aston Business School prides itself on providing an inspirational education experience, sharing insightful and practical advice on business challenges. The collaboration with BPS Birmingham Future exemplifies the Schools mission to deliver impact applied research that contributes to business excellence.

You can hear from Bruno on Wednesday 30th November at Fresh Perspectives; a free breakfast business event held at Aston Business School. Book your place to learn his top tips on entre-leadership.