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Thrive CSR Survey 2016: what does CSR mean for your organisation?

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A quick glance of your LinkedIn feed will no doubt include many references to the current state of play of Great Britain PLC. Our changing political and economic climate finds today’s businesses are operating in exciting if somewhat uncertain times …where responsible business practise will be more critical than ever.

So when we all refer to a responsible business, what does that actually mean in 2016? Are we talking about investing ethically? What about tackling supply-chain mis-management or advocating skills-based, education- themed employee volunteering programmes? Specifically, what does Birmingham need?

Thrive has, since 2006, championed responsible business activity across Greater Birmingham. In 2008 they conducted a benchmark Corporate Responsibility Survey, and thought it an opportune time to conduct the survey again.

The Survey should take approximately 7 minutes to complete and can be accessed here

Please note, Thrive plan to share the findings amongst the business and third sectors but no names will be attributed against any comments made. So, rest assured, you can comment freely. Indeed, unless you want to, you are not obliged to provide them with your contact details at all. They will not share any personal/contact information with anyone.

The deadline to enter is 26 August 2016 at 5pm.

Thanks for taking part, your contribution is greatly appreciated.