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Developing your Personal Brand

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By Kathryn Small, Business Development Manager at Gowling WLG

Like many, I liken developing your personal brand to ‘blowing your own trumpet’. Not in a boastful or contrived way, but in a thoughtful and considered approach that will ultimately enable you to reach your personal and career goals. And besides, if you don’t blow your own trumpet, you can almost guarantee that nobody else will!

Before you can start to develop your personal brand, you need to define what your personal brand is. What type of character are you? What do you want to be famous for? What’s your ‘elevator pitch’? Ultimately, how do you best describe you, in such a way that gets people to engage with you and react in a way that you want them to?

And once you’ve worked that out (phew!), you need to figure out a plan to deliver your personal brand – how to market yourself and to whom, based on your defined set of personal and career objectives.

This is all very well you might say. But why do you need to develop your personal brand in the first place?

Simply put, people buy people. In a fiercely competitive working environment, your personal brand may just be the factor that differentiates you from the ‘sea of sameness’ in an ever increasing talent pool.

I am a Business Development Manager for international law firm Gowling WLG, and I instil in the lawyers that I advise daily, that our clients/customers are not only buying the firm’s brand and its commercial and technical expertise (which incidentally is a given these days), they are buying individuals, for their trusted advisor status, and as such their personal brand is key.

Intrinsically linked, is how the development of your personal brand should contribute to the corporate brand that you may also be representing. A corporate brand isn’t just a logo, it is a set of core values that employees should live day-to-day, and particularly in respect of any career objectives, you should go to great lengths to align your personal brand.

I look forward to expanding on the above and sharing some tips and tools that you can take away and implement at the forthcoming BPS Birmingham Development Committee event – Developing your Personal Brand – on Thursday 4 August.