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GBPSA Apprentices - Tara Lucock

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It’s an exciting week in many ways for Greater Birmingham’s Professional Services Academy (GBPSA). Not only are they a key partner during our first Professional Services Week, delivering their expertise and guidance during sessions with school groups and also to education & business professionals at our various fringe events, they are also celebrating a total of 16 students beginning internships with lead professional services firms in the city; at Gateley Plc, Barclays and LaSerUK.

Professional Services Week celebrates and aims to demystify and demonstrate the diverse range of industries, roles and routes into the sector for young people to discover. Here’s the second in a series of success stories to come from GBPSA graduates now working in Birmingham’s flourishing professional services sector.

Tara Lucock, Handelsbanken

It was whilst studying her business diploma that Tara’s eyes were opened up to the fact that there was more than one way to break into the world of business and finance.


“My first impression of an Apprenticeship was that you wouldn’t learn much and that you’d be working for a little as £2 an hour,” she said.  “Joining Stourbridge College’s Professional Services Academy showed me the true picture.

“I was introduced to a business mentor from Handelsbanken and met other business professionals who assured me I didn’t have to go to university to succeed in my career.  I realised that Apprenticeships were a good alternative option.  I completed a work placement with the organisation and loved the environment I was in.  I also saw I would have the chance to learn a range of skills as I wouldn’t be tied to one particular role.

Now that I’m studying an accountancy qualification and I’m well into my Apprenticeship at Handelsbanken, I know I’ve made a real start to my career and have a long-term future in sight.”