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The Faces of Professional Services Week: Alex Theodosi

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Alex Theodosi, Assistant Relationship Manager, Lloyds Banking Group



How long have you been working at your current employer?

I have been working at Lloyds Banking Group for 11 months


How do you travel into work each day?

I get the train to and from work which takes around 15 minutes each way


How would you describe in no more than two hundred words your working week?

My general day as an assistant relationship manager consists of providing an excellent service to local businesses banking with Lloyds. This involves taking calls and queries from customers and coming back to them with a response and a solution to their problem. This can involve liaising with other departments or colleagues to ensure the best outcome for the customer to cause as little disruption as possible. This also involves carrying out due diligence on existing customers to ensure that we have up to date details to ensure that they are complying with our codes of conduct and that we are meeting our regulatory requirements.


What made you decide to go into a professional services career?

I saw this apprenticeship advertised and the job description stood out to me – I felt that this would be a good place to develop a career.

Also there are a number of different paths you can take in professional services, so this gives me a broader choice for my next steps.


At what point in your life did you realise that working in professional services was for you?

It wasn’t until a few months before I finished college that I realised I would like to have a career in professional services. I didn’t really want to go to University because there wasn’t a particular subject I had a massive interest in. I decided to get into professional services so that I could explore my options within the chosen industry.


What other jobs did you consider before deciding on a career in professional services?

Other jobs I considered before deciding that this was the right choice for me were jobs in accountancy firms and events management.


What are the top three things you love about working in professional services? 

1.The salary is a big motivation and a good way to begin working life. For the apprenticeship I am currently employed on I am earning good money, whilst also continuing my education in the profession.

2 .The different career paths open to you. There are a lot of choices and different paths you can choose and these all differ to each other. Therefore, if you start doing one thing and decide that you actually want to do something else within the business, there are clear paths you can follow which will help you in doing this.

3 .The office environment that I work in. Everyone is so friendly and they are almost like a second family.  There are a lot of things that you do as a team to build the relationships in order to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. We have a lot of good laughs both in and out of the office and this is one of the main reasons as to why I love where I currently work.


What do you most look forward to doing during your week at work? 

The thing I most look forward to doing in my week at work is coming into the office and having team meetings and group activity work. A lot of the time these are informal and break the day up slightly. They allow you to see how the team is performing and allow you to hear from other members in the team that you may not speak to on a daily basis.


During the past year – describe what has been your working highlight?

My working highlight of the year would be attracting a £1million deposit from another bank and having this recognised by one of the managing directors, a personal touch being the gift of my first client pen and a call from the managing director to thank me for my hard work. This was great to be recognised by someone so senior within the business and especially as this was within my first 12 months of employment at Lloyds Banking Group.


What is your favourite lunchtime haunt?

My favourite lunchtime activity would be going out to get lunch with a couple of my colleagues, especially in the summer time. It is great to get out and get some fresh air. When it is hot, it’s nice to sit in the sun for an hour with a refreshing ice cream and having a laugh with my colleagues.


What is your favourite way to wind down after a day at the office?

My favourite way to wind down after a day at the office would be going on a nice walk or going to the gym. In the office, you are sat down all day so it’s nice to do something active and get yourself out. I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend.


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone thinking about a career in professional services what would it be?

My main piece of advice to anyone looking at a career in professional services would be to research what jobs are out there, look at the descriptions closely and what is expected from you. If you feel like one stands out to you but you do not feel like you have what is expected, work on the things that you know you may have a slight disadvantage on.

Try and provide as much evidence as possible to show that you are the best person for the job and that you are completely committed to developing yourself. Also show that you are willing to push yourself to do new things and take yourself out of your comfort zone in order to get to where you want to be.