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The Faces of Professional Services Week

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The aim of Professional Services Week is to demystify ‘professional services’, what it means and the services these businesses provide, in order to inform the young generation within Birmingham of the roles and opportunities awaiting them in this sector, here in this city.

As the first in a series of case studies with inspiring young professionals in Birmingham, eager to share their experiences of working in an exciting and hugely important sector in the city, we speak to Adelle, who fronts up our media campaign coming to city centre buses this week!



Adelle Rhule-Martin, Surveying Apprentice at Bilfinger GVA


How long have you been working at Bilfinger GVA?  1 year and 2 months

How do you travel into work each day? By bus

How would you describe your working week?

In a nut shell I look after properties so tenants don’t have to. My role involves managing buildings and estates to ensure there are no concerns for the tenants of that building. For example I ensure payments (such as rent demands, service charge etc.) are set up to be paid correctly and on time; if this is done incorrectly then the property can be at risk of being repossessed and the client at risk of damaged reputation.

As well as assisting with the treasury for clients, I deal with estate issues such as maintenance, repairs and alterations. This ranges from organising contractors to repair or maintain things like heating, windows, roofs, as well as projects that involve arranging planning permission to build things such as new bike shelters and scaffolding signage etc.


What made you decide to go into a professional services career?

When I was 15 years old I carried out work experience at Barclays Retail Bank. During my time there I realised how much I enjoyed providing a quality service to customers; being able to advise clients and the appreciation and satisfaction shown by clients of my advice and motivation to help them.


At what point in your life did you realise that working in professional services was for you?

When carrying out work experience at GVA within the offices department, I instantly knew that I wanted to pursue a career within the property industry in a role that was customer facing. I enjoy interacting with people and providing a quality service. In addition to this, global warming is becoming increasingly alarming across the world and I wanted a career where I could make an impact. I believe the property industry is ideally positioned to significantly impact the effects humanity has on the earth.

During my career I hope to develop to a point where I am able to recommend innovative and financially efficient ways to heat and cool buildings to reduce the amount of energy they consume.


What other jobs did you consider before deciding on a career in professional services?

I used to want to be an accountant because of my love for mathematics. However when I carried out work experience within an accountancy department, I realized this career was not suited to my character and personality because of the lack of variation.


What are the top three things you love about working in professional services? 

1.Keeping our clients happy and satisfied with the work we do for them

2.Attending client events

3.Networking with other young professionals and others who work in property


What do you most look forward to doing during your week at work? 

I look forward to having our team meetings where we have the opportunity to update each other on our work and review our future events. I also enjoy going out for lunch with my colleagues.


During the past month, describe your working highlight:

Attending a department team building day away day at the Hilton Hotel for 2 days and 1 night – an opportunity to socialise with our colleagues from around the country, put a face to a name and give us insight into what the various sub-departments do on a day to day basis.


What is your favourite lunchtime haunt?

Taking walks along the canal on a sunny day.


What is your favourite way to wind down after a day at the office?

Spending quality time with my family or having cocktails with my friends


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone thinking about a career in professional services what would it be?

Ensure that the career you choose is your passion and not just a job to pay the bills.