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The Neales are releasing their debut single for charity!

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Friends of BPS Birmingham Future, The Neales, are releasing their self-penned debut single on Friday (10th June), raising money for the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK, and need our help!

James, a long time member of BPS Birmingham Future and BYPY2014 Finalist, and his family The Neales started singing last year as they made it through to the Live Final of Britain’s Got Talent.

This year, we want to help James Neale and his family achieve their ambition of putting their debut single, ‘I’ll Be There’, at the top of the UK charts for Father’s Day! You can watch a preview of the song by clicking here.

They recognise that this would be one of the biggest shocks in recent music history, but up their sleeve they have the UK’s largest retailer (and Phil Neale’s employer), Tesco, stocking and promoting 150,000 of their CDs for Father’s Day!

If you can, please help The Neales by doing these three things:

Pre-order ‘I’ll Be There’ right now for just 99p! You can do it in just 2 clicks on iTunes:*

Pop into a large Tesco near you, and buy a copy or two (or three!) of their CD (just £1) that should be found near the checkouts between Friday 10th of June and Sunday 19th of June.*

Please spread the word and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to download the single, and buy the CD too.

*ALL proceeds go to British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK.