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Could you see yourself leading BPS Birmingham Future?

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The summer is fast approaching, which means that we are starting the search for our next Deputy Chair.

On 18 August, BPS Birmingham Future Chair Rebecca Simkiss will hand the reins over to our current Deputy Chair, Tara Tomes. At this point, Tara will also announce the brand new Future Deputy Chair… and it could be you!

Over the past year, Rebecca has led the organization – alongside Tara, the Future Leadership Team and our eight committees – launching key initiatives like The Future Mentoring Academy and a new leadership development programme. You have the chance to build upon this success and work alongside Tara in her year as Chair, representing the only membership organization for the business professional and financial services sector in Greater Birmingham.

Not a role to be taken lightly, you will be heavily involved in driving the strategy for Future, helping to coordinate the fantastic work being done across the eight committees; BYPY, Development, Engage, Infrastructure, Membership, Mentoring, Social & Culture, and Sports. You will attend the BPS Birmingham Board meetings and also support in areas such as events, marketing and, most importantly, membership.

If you’re keen to grow your profile across the BPS sector, get into rooms with some of the most important business men and women in Greater Birmingham, and have a real impact, then this is for you! To set your expectations, here’s what’s expected of you…

• Around 8 hours commitment per week, sometimes during work hours
• Attending the monthly BPS Board meetings, Leadership Team meetings and Membership committee meetings
• Attending a large number of events, and sometimes speaking at those events as the representative of Future
• Working with the BPS Birmingham Exec Team and Membership committee to increase membership
• Being a ‘voice’ for the BPS sector’ and, in particular, young professionals
• Supporting Tara through the good times… and the challenging ones

• 1-2 days’ per week commitment, often during work hours
• Attending a large number of meetings, including the monthly BPS Board meetings, Leadership Team meetings and some additional committee meetings
• Being a member of the BPS Board, responsible for all elements of Future, including strategy and finance
• Attending a large number of events, often speaking at those events
• Responsible for leading, motivating and coaching the Future committee structure, delegating authority to ensure efficiency, and problem-solving where necessary
• Developing and driving the strategy for Future, including supporting key initiatives like BYPY, the Future Mentoring Academy, and the leadership development programme, as well as introducing your own projects

This is a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about their career, the BPS sector, and the city in which they live. If you’d like to find out more about what the role entails, get in touch with Tara: by 31 May 2016.