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Could you see yourself leading BPS Birmingham Aspire?

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It’s that time of year when we offer you the opportunity to apply for the forthcoming Chair of BPS Birmingham Aspire role (commencing June).

Since October 2014, Amelia Ladbrook has led a team of dedicated individuals in employment and the first stages of their career to develop a robust network and key initiatives for the organisation. Working closely with educational institutions and young professionals in their first two years of training, the Aspire team has developed its offering to members and will now lead on flagship BPS Birmingham events, including Welcome to Birmingham, BrumLife and Graduate Apprentice, as well as their semester of skills events for those starting their career in the city.

We are now looking for a new Chair, and that’s where you come in. Could you see yourself leading Aspire and its key initiatives? Do you want to be part of something that truly makes a difference to young people in the BPS Sector?

If you’re interested in finding out more about what the role entails, including time and resource commitments, then please get in touch with Amelia on You will be sent an application and the deadline is Monday 9 May – so don’t leave it too late!

If you have never even given this any thought but would like to have an understanding perhaps for future years, let us know anyway and we can be in touch over the coming months.

Below is an outline of expectations for the Chair of BPS Birmingham Aspire, to start you off:

Not a role to be taken lightly and as such, the time expectations can be pretty weighty, averaging around 8 hours a week, sometimes more. You will need to attend a large number of events, though not necessarily all, and quite often ‘open or close’ the event. You will need to support your team through the good times and the slightly more challenging ones, and you will always have responsibility for growing the membership. You will be responsible for leading, motivating and coaching the Birmingham Aspire Committee structure, delegating authority to ensure efficiency, and problem-solving where necessary. Your leadership skills will need to be excellent, as you continue to develop and grow the Aspire brand. You will always be responsible for understanding the finances, the brand and your membership, taking action as appropriate.

Get in touch if this sounds like the ideal challenge for you.