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Interview With a Professional in HR: Gemma Dipple, HR Advisor, Higgs and Sons

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What was your first job?

Sales Assistant for Boots the Chemist.

Did you ever imagine undertaking your current role, if not, what did you imagine doing?

During my school years, when it came to making a decision about my career, I knew I wanted to either work in Human Resources or to become a history teacher. Through work experience I learned more about both professions and this really helped me to make a decision about what would suit me. I’ve not looked back since.

Which parts of your role are the most enjoyable and which parts are the most challenging?

I really enjoy being in a position to offer (hopefully) very practical help and advice to others who are at the start of their career. The most challenging part is balancing all the aspects of my role – as a generalist HR Advisor no one day is ever the same! From recruitment to appraisals to employee relations and more, it’s a case of prioritisation, but it does keep me busy!

How do you balance your work and personal life?

I’m fortunate to work for a firm who really value work life balance and so I can manage both work and home relatively easily. I like to be involved in lots of other activities, such as yoga and netball (organised by my firm!) and manage the rest by planning, planning, planning!

What advice would you give to a young professional wanting to progress in your industry?

I attend lots of careers events and my main piece of advice for anyone is to get as much work experience as possible. Once you’re in work, for me it’s then about building your network and credibility.

What do you hope to be doing in ten years’ time?

There’s no master plan to take over the world – I want to continue to strive for the best in my career and aim high, whilst continuing to help others find their feet on the career ladder. Having lots of lovely holidays would be nice too!

What’s the best tip or piece of advice you’ve been given?

Treat everyone you meet with the same respect you would hope to receive. You never know when you will meet someone again.

What do you enjoy the most in/about Birmingham?

I’ve lived my whole life in the city and I’m so proud of what it has to offer today. There’s something here for everyone.