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BPS Birmingham Aspire Blog: Julie Ledesma, Marketing & Fundraising Officer

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November has been probably one of the busiest months in the calendar, last month I was lucky enough to attend a conference up in Scotland for organisations within the sight loss sector like Focus Birmingham. We are a charity that helps visually impaired people and individuals with complex disabilities in the West Midlands. Attending the conference really opened up my eyes to a lot of fundraising opportunities and marketing ideas which I am now trying to work on. I am currently in the process of working towards our 2016 events and campaigns, so you can imagine how busy the end of the year will be.

I’ve been with Focus Birmingham for just over 9 months but I’ve had the best opportunity to really get stuck in and make some positive changes not only to my department but also to the organisation. I am responsible for all of our social media presence, our brand new website which we’ve just re-launched over summer, our app which we’re still yet to launch as well as our fundraising and marketing events! I work directly with my manager developing and growing our brand as well as working closely with our fundraising team and external agencies.

My background was never marketing in fact the complete opposite, I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BA in International Relations last year, and I absolutely love what I do now! I am currently studying towards a Professional Diploma in Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing which means when I am not at work I’m probably studying and writing essays. It’s difficult to balance everything out but it is certainly doable and I know it will definitely pay off when I’ve completed it.

I joined Birmingham Aspire back in 2014 as part of the leadership team and it has been one of the best opportunities I’ve had. It has opened a number of doors which would not have been possible otherwise. I’ve been lucky to meet a range of people, from CEO’s to other recent graduates, through the various networking events and workshops that take place on a monthly basis. I’ve personally benefited from the various skills workshops which I have attended, not only have they been useful they have also been applicable to my current role.

Birmingham Aspire is going through lots of exciting developments which means we’ve got a lot of events for those in education and training happening in the next couple of months. If you really want to get your career started and want to be ahead of the game, being part of Aspire is the best way to start your journey.

If you would like to find out more about life as a Marketing and Fundraising Officer then feel free to get in touch